Pikachuultrafan`s Animal Jam Blog

Merry X-mas/ I`m a member!!! YIPPEE! (:

Hello epic Jammers! Pikachuultrafan here. I have missed a lot, but I guess it`s ok. All of Jamma has turned cold and snowy. Jammilday Celebrations have begun. And the monthly member gift is a gingerbread house den! There is many exciting things, such as the fact we have been getting gifts everyday.  Now, there is something exciting to tell you: for Christmas, I got a six month Animal Jam membership!!! I`ll keep all the member stuff on a page soon. Here are some random things to tell you:

  • There is two new postcards and a new stamp.
  • The new animal will be a horse.
  • A new shop came out with mysterious and expensive member only items.
  • There are plenty new x-mas items such as the cute reindeer antlers with a nose, and a giant cookie x-mas tree.
  • My favorite animals are now turtles and elephants
  • There is a new feature called “my parties”. (I`ll probably make a post about that or make pour-my-heart-out page)
  • I made a page about my class and our information. You can look, but you don`t need to. It`s only our info.

So that`s basically  it. I have all the gifts and the gingerbread house den if you ever want to see them. I got to go, so,










P.S. I have started to comment a lot on Witch Hat Bunny`s (Mayksufi`s) blog a lot. You should to at : animaljamflash.blogspot.com



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