Pikachuultrafan`s Animal Jam Blog

Sadness……….. Members

Sometimes I wish members did not exist. That everyone was equal. Oh well, that will never happen. But it`s fun when your friend is a member, and you can go in their den, see their pets, and trade your rares for their regular member items. But it is NOT good if you are a member and get other members to have a member only party! Member only clans, partys, and only be friends with members is mean, so please don`t do it. Because, all those non members out there, including me, wish they were members with all their awesome member stuff. Usually, people can`t be members because they either don`t have the money, are not allowed to be members, or just they simply can`t.  Anyway, be cheerful, because there is lots of things you can get on animal jam without being a member! Some sites don`t even let you buy things, go places, or basically be on the site unless you pay.

Now with lots of smiles,

Pikachuultrafan (:   (:   (:




P.S. Relax!!! Enjoy life on animal jam!


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