Pikachuultrafan`s Animal Jam Blog

Rare plushies and items

Today I went to a few stores on animal jam.  They were all in people’s dens, so you know.  I was looking, and i noticed how big people would pay for rare items, plushies, and for non-members, member-only items. So I collected  ton of those things, and scored myself some stuff.  But, for some reason, nobody ever wanted to trade their heart necklaces , or their gloves. These are the rares I currently own:


   2 rare seal plushies, 1 rare wolf plushie, and 1 rare koala plushie

    2 rare hats, 2 member only clothing items, and 1 member only decor item.

                                                                                                                                                                   1 more thing: NEVER give or trade items if a person says they will give you codes, or other items, especially when they say they want your rares and will give you rares  for them.  


Today`s code is playwild.    sayonara,




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